• A revolution in imaging and photonics.

  • Our offer

    Orthocone’s business idea is to develop a new liquid crystal technology that will offer significant improved performance in future display applications.


    Our liquid crystals are 100 times faster than the traditional ones used today.


    We offer a patented technology meeting the needs of the display market.

    Fast response time will improve image quality but it will also make displays much more environmentally friendly and more cost efficient to produce.

  • Our Technology

    Demo at Display Week

    Orthocone’s demonstration of field-sequential color at 720Hz at the Display Week in Boston 2012

    Orthoconic AFLCs

      1. Conventional, or even no, alignment requirements.
      2. Conventional LCD structure
      3. Analog grey scale
      4. Simple, fast and efficient polarization switching
      5. Wide viewing angles

      Ultrafast switching


      Electrooptic response (purple) to applied voltage (yellow).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Switching times are ~200 microseconds

    • Our Patents

      US 2002/0075445


      Filed Aug 28 2001

      Protected region(s): USA

      A very strong patent covering

      • Any LC device using OAFLC technology. The patent is not LC material dependent; any LC material with orthoconic properties (tilt close to 45°) is covered.
      • Simple, fast and efficient polarization switching.

      US 2013/0107189

      Stabilization of antiferroelectric liquid crystals

      Filed July 8 2011

      Protected region(s): USA

      The patent covers process technologies that enable large cell gaps by utilizing novel usage of polymer stabilization.

      US 2013/0107150

      Liquid crystal device and a method for writing grey scale

      Filed July 8 2011

      Protected region(s): USA

      Apart from analog grey scale, which is supported by OAFLC technology, the ultra-fast switching also enables grey scale to be produced in the time domain. It is covered by this patent.

    • Team

      Dr. Per Rudquist

      Founder, Inventor

      Dr. Pontus Jägemalm

      Founder, Inventor

      Mr. Mattias Wessling


      Mr. Anders Bohman

      Founder, Chairman

      Professor Sven Lagerwall

      Founder, Inventor

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      +46 70 3829 503